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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 31, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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conservative, this show is nothing more than revolutionary. dan rivers, cnn. . good morning and welcome back. >> glad to have you with us. big day for former first daughter, chelsea clinton and marc mezvinsky are getting married later today. it is set to be a posh and private affair. we will take you to rhinebeck, new york, to learn more. also, getting a closer look at what's happening in the gulf right now. we are getting closer, possibly, to the beginning of the end of the ruptured oil well in the gulf of mexico. the government has the plan. they have a timeline. they are tweaking it a bit. >> what about the leak of thousands of classified military documents from the war in afghanistan? >> the prime suspect is in custody and charges are flying.
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>> a tragedy is unfolding in pakistan. floodwaters have swept 800 people to their deaths. >> whole villages are flattened or under water. government buildings, schools and crops just washed away. cnn's reza sayah is in the disaster zone. >> one government official is calling this the worst natural disaster ever in northwest pakistan in the 63-year history of this country. these floods have been catastrophic for many areas in northwestern pakistan. the latest figure we have is 800 people killed. according to a provincial information minister. most of the victims are here. officials say in several districts, hundreds of homes have been swept way. many are made of mud, often times unable to withstand heavy floodwaters. scores of businesses, schools
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and government buildings have also been destroyed. the goal for relief crews is to get into some of these areas as soon as possible. >> we, of course, continue to keep a close eye on that developing story. we will continue to bring you those updates as they are available. >> the suspected source of thousands of army field reports that ended up on line earlier this week is in military facility and under guard. private first class bradley manning facing a possible court-martial. >> this incident ignited a war of words between the u.s. secretary of defense, robert gates, and admiral mike mullen and the founder of the whistle blower website. cnn live in washington with the very latest. this was an interesting and direct back and forth we saw between top pentagon officials and this guy who runs his website this week. absolutely t.j. and kate,
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certainly a war of words. we are also learning more about the private first class who military officials say is the prime suspect in their investigation into who leaked 76,000 doc cutuments. 22-year-old bradley manning is being held in solitary confinement in quantico, virginia for a whole different case all together. he is facing charges of leaking air strike videos and downloading documents from classified military systems back in 2007. he is from oklahoma where childhood friends say he was extremely smart and outspoken. >> if someone didn't agree with him on his point of views with government stuff or religious, because he was nonreligious, he was, like i said, very outspoken about it and spoke his opinion. sometimes he would get in heated arguments in class, if he didn't agree with certain things. now, private manning was appointed a military lawyer for
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those previous charges and could possibly have a hearing as early as next month but, because of this new investigation, that timeline could be delayed. t.j. and kate? >> sandra endo in washington, we appreciate you as always. also, this week, a dramatic outburst we saw on the house floor. congressman anthony wiener went on a tirade after a health benefits bill for emergency workers first on the scene during the 9/11 attacks failed to pass. the new york democrat took aim at republicans who voted against the bill because they couldn't add amendments. >> mr. speaker, you have one minute. >> great courage to all members who have already spoken and then stand up and wrap your arms around procedure. we see it in the united states senate every single day where members say we want debate but we are still a no and then we stand up and said, if only we had a different process, we
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would vote yes. you vote yes if you believe it is the right thing. if you believe it is the wrong thing, you vote no. we are following a procedure. i will not yield to the gentlemen and the gentlemen will observe regular order. the gentlemen will observe regular order. the gentlemen speaks and gets up and yells like he is going to intimidate people into believing he is wrong. the gentlemen is wrong. the gentlemen is wrong. he is providing cover for his colleagues rather than doing the right thing. it is republicans wrapping their arms around republicans rather than doing the right thing on behalf of the hero. it is a shame, a shame if you believe this is a bad idea to provide health care, then vote no but don't give me the cowardly view that, oh, if it were a different procedure. the gentlemen will observe regular order and sit down. i will not. the gentlemen will sit. the gentlemen is correct in sitting. i will not.
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>> suspend. >> the general is recognized. >> i will not stand here and listen to my colleagues, if only i had a different procedure that allows us to stall and then vote no. instead of standing up and voting no on this humane bill, you should urge them to vote yes, something the gentlemen has not done. that's amazing. to yell at a guy like that and call him a gentlemen at the same time. but that gentlemen, he was telling to sit down, he was referring to there, republican peter king, also of new york. king actually, get this, voted for the bill but he took the debate in another direction focusing on the democratic suspension of the rules, requiring a two-thirds majority to pass the bill instead of a simple majority. >> they say they want republican support but they didn't consult one republican before they made the corporate tax increase. they say they wanted republican support before they passed this bill but they never applied that
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standard when they ran through the stimulus, health care, cap and trade or financial health care reform. you only apply it to cops and firefighters and construction workers. these heroes deserve better. no matter what happens on this vote, i will continue to do all i can to pass this bill as soon as possible in the future. >> well, representative king tells cnn that if the bill went to a simple majority vote, he would sit with democrats all day and defend against republicans workers that were at the scene have come down with all sorts of illnesses. john is a demolition worker at ground zero right after the attacks. he talked to our don lemon about the failure to get this passed. >> how do you feel about this bill, it failing?
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>> we knew it was going to happen. the way it was put on the floor as a suspension bill, we knew it would fail. both congressman king and wiener are right. both congressman king and wiener are wrong. one said it was a sham. it was a sham. one said it was a shame. it is a shame, because of bipartisan rec less politics, it is the 9/11 responders that suffer. the two parties can't agree and have different ideologies on how to help somebody. we are the ones that suffer. they should have voted like an american last night instead of a republican or a democrat. that vote should have been 435 to nothing. instead, we have to wait another six or seven weeks before they come back from their long overrated recess and hope we get -- >> i'm sorry. finish your thought and i will go on with my question. >> we have to wait for them to come back. hopefully, we put the bill back on the floor at the end of september and, as a regular rules bill, which only needs 218 votes and we know we're
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confident we are going to win. we are running out of time. >> running out of time. in this battle over the benefits bill has dragged on now in congress for some nine years. the battle over arizona's tough new immigration law could drag on for a while as well. a federal appeals court has turned down governor jan brewer's request for an expedited hearing. instead, the case is headed for a hearing in november. she filed the appeal after a federal judge blocked most of the bill's provisions. arizona senator, john mccain, is also weighing in. he says the violence along the border with mexico makes it imperative the border be secure. listen here. >> i've said and continue to repeat, we have to get the border secured because it is obvious the violence on the other side of the border national security issue. we have announced the closing of
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our consulate in juarez. warning to our citizens in the southern part of the state. we have to get the border secured first. i don't know how many thousands of times i have to say that. >> well, legal experts say it is likely the battle over arizona's immigration law will end up at the supreme court. the gulf of mexico, another delay in sealing the crippled bp oil well once and for all. federal officials say it will be monday or tuesday before they can begin on what is known as static kill. very big deal. they still have to clear away debris. a relief well is finished. the bottom final kill will take place. all this should take place. >> we should not be writing any
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obituary for this event until we swrund stan where all the oil is gone to and until the beaches are clean. >> another step expected in the weeks ahead involves removing the 11 million feet of boom all along the gulf coast. >> still a long process. looks like we are going in the right direction with getting this thing killed. >> 11 million feet. that's just an astonishing amount. >> astonishing as well, a lot of people are saying, what we probably won't see, which is the wedding that everybody is talking about but nobody is really invited to. everything involved is extremely hush-hush from chelsea clinton and her family as the former first daughter gets ready to tie the knot in new york. [ man ] to the seekers of things which are one of a kind. the authentic, the rare, the hard to define. to those who'd climb mountains or sail across seas...
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we are playing this because, can you believe, she was just 12 or 13 years old when she was first introduced to the country. we kind of watched her grow up at the white house. chelsea clinton is now grown up and getting married. >> everyone is talking about this wedding and our susan candiotti is as close to the event as wreele are going to ge upstate new york. >> reporter: and i'm not that close. >> break out your binoculars. what have you been able to see this morning? >> reporter: first of all, let me set the scene for you. over my shoulder is the beekman arms inn, the oldest continuing operating hotel in america. that's how old it is. that's where a lot of the guests are staying. last night was the scene of a reception that took place after the rehearsal dinner, apparently hosted by former president, bill
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clinton and current secretary of state, hillary clinton. when they arrived on the scene, there was a huge outcry from all the spectators. they took their time as they got out of the car to wave to everyone. hillary was waringearing a beau what appeared to be chiffon green dress. on the banks of the hudson was two hours from new york city. rhinebeck is a picture post card setting for chelsea clinton's summer wedding. >> you could make a case this is the most significant thing to happen in rhinebeck since washington's army drove the british out in the 1700s. >> reporter: police aren't allowed to blurt it out. >> there is a private event planned for the rhinebeck area. >> reporter: may be the
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understatement of the year. throw in a few lines like. >> we are working with the secret service and providing direct support to the united states secret service. >> reporter: there is virtually no doubt that chelsea and fiancee, marc mezvinsky, are getting hitched right here, tucked into a tree top hill, party tents are in place at the late john jacob astor's estates. a lot of activity is going on outside the astor courts. another bus going in there. across the street what appears to be some kind of delivery truck. they have blocked out the letters so you can't tell who is belongs to. if we did, we would be calling them right away. >> nobody wants information about their wedding getting out before the day of the wedding. >> reporter: hudson valley news editor, jim lang an, broke the biggest nup actual story weeks ago. his best buddies won't dish about details. >> one of them was in a swimming pool. he was speaking swahili rather
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than answer any of my attempts to get information out of him. >> reporter: for an event planner, how big of a deal is this? >> this is the wedding of the century. >> reporter: she says fashionistas are dying to see what she will be wearing. they can't even bring cell phones. >> people will try to sneak things in. it will be difficult when you have the local, state and secret service on your tail. >> reporter: the world has watched chelsea grow up, eventually campaigning for her mom, always known for protecting her privacy. >> i do not think that's any of your business. >> this young woman has survived tumultuous issues with both of her parents and has chose to have a ceremony and invite those who are real friends, not for any other reason. >> so, have you seen any
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celebrities this morning? >> reporter: we haven't seen any celebrities this morning. i can tell you this. a little while ago, we saw what appeared to be the bridesmaids getting on to a bus at one of the locations, the hotels right around here, one of the small cottages. they were carrying their dress bags with them. so, again, no confirmation on any of this. if it looks like a duck and it smells like a duck, i think that's what it was. we are seeing movement. last night, we did -- last night at reception that took place afterwards, no celebrities were spotted but some recognizable faces including the former secretary of state, madeline albright. sh he was one of the guests that attended the reception here at the beekman arms right over my shoulder. that was fun. >> we'll see. keep your eyes peeled, my friend. you are our eyes and ears of the ground. thanks so much. a failed polygraph test,
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medical records promised but never delivered and an accuser for selling her tale to the press. >> all this from allegations against al gore. now, he is off the hook. be right back.
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wildfires have destroyed dozens of homes in california. more than 1300 firefighters are battling 30,000 acres chared so far in los angeles. california governor, arnold schwarzenegger says crews are doing everything they can trying to extinguish these three fires. the largest is the crown fire. firefighters say barrel a quarter is contained right now. look at this video out of russia. see how tough it was people trying to escape what is being called what is the worst wild fire ever to hit russia. this blaze is blamed for 25 deaths, destroyed more than 1200 homes. the russian government says it has deployed nearly a quarter of a million people to fight the fire. also, there will be no assault
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charges for former vice president, al gore. both portland police and the local district attorney says there isn't enough evidence for the gays to look forward. a female masseuse claims gore groped her during a massage session in 2006. they say the former vice president is pleased with the decision. great african-american scholar dubois coined the phrase the talented tent. referring to the phrase of building leadership between blacks to create future leaders. allan chernoff is showing us how that is being put into practice at a summer program at princeton university. >> reporter: summer in the city, playing ball, hanging out, getting in trouble? not robert emanuel, in 15-year-old from newark new jersey is a scholar this summer from a different world, 40 miles south on the campus of princeton
11:25 am
university. for five weeks, the institute takes promising african-american students from underprivileged backgrounds and mixes them with equally black students from wealthier families bringing month are than 50 students to princeton, university. >> it changed my thinking about myself by bringing out a new me which i never knew was there. >> reporter: psychology professor is putting the t talented ten concept into practice to develop tomorrow's black leaders by building students confidence and intellectual skills. >> dubois was founded with the hope that we could develop those that have the greatest potential for solving problems that confronted us. >> reporter: today they are studies the bp oil crisis and business ethics. >> bp should try to involve other oil companies because they are also affected by this too. >> reporter: the institute wants the students to remember they
11:26 am
can be leaders that will take on the nation's most challenging problems. >> going back to school i am more prepared. i can get straight as and a 4.5 gpa. >> reporter: allan chernoff, cnn, princeton, new jersey.
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-so you're thinking...? i agree. preferred. only meineke has options... and now 50% off brake pads and shoes. my money. my choice. my meineke. a woman in texas planning a wedding even though she does not have a groom. >> yes. we are not making this up. but she does have a lot of people talking about this. josh levs spoke with her this morning. what did she say? >> oh, my goodness. after we spoke with her four hours ago, we got so many
11:30 am
responses. people are talking about this like crazy. people have a lot of opinions on this one. you know, maybe in a way, it is anything for love but it is certainly an idea unlike anything you have heard before. i got a chance to speak with her. i asked her what everyone wants to know. >> i've got to start off asking you this. everybody is hearing about this. you have this huge wedding planned for february. you have every detail, the dress, pretty much everything, the venue, the food. what are you thinking? >> well, i just had this spontaneous idea in february at my friend's wedding in new york that if i planned my wedding a year in advance, then i would have to get married. the more i talked about it, the more it gained steam and momentum and i went on a mission. i'm on a mission. i have been dating quite a lot. i'm learning a lot and i'm hoping i will find my soulmate to get married. >> since you announced this, you have gone on dates with 50 different guys? >> that's correct. >> how many of them have been repeat dates? >> i would say about ten of them
11:31 am
have been repeat dates. >> wow. i have to ask you, when you have this pressure in front of you, how can you build a relationship that's solid enough for marriage and to make a marriage last? for marriage you have to get deep, really connect, have time and grow together and talk about kids and future? how can you do that when there is this deadline in front of you? >> first of all, i think anything is possible. i'm 35 years old. i'm not in my 20s anymore. i know what i want. i am hoping i will find a guy who feels the same way, he is ready to be married and would like to have a family and our goals will align and stars will align. i realize it is not conventional and it is not for everyone. i am hopeful it will work for me. i do have a goal and a deadline. it's an honest platform for dating. >> you are a singer songwriter. you put together a little song you put together on youtube. show us a clip of that. ♪ ♪ i want to get married,
11:32 am
married ♪ ♪ will you marry me ♪ i'm looking for that special boy to share my life and share my joy ♪ >> you are certainly taking off online. talk to me about what you are looking for. there are guys that are thinking, i'm looking for love too. what are you looking for and what do you have to offer? >> well, i'm looking for a sense of humor, confidence, someone who is intellectual and educated and motivated and someone who can handle situations with ease, whether it is a social situation or just a life situation, things happen. i prefer a tall, dark, and handsome guy but i know good things come in all packages so i'm pretty open-minded there. consistency and honesty are big things. personality and character go a long way. i am looking for someone with substance who is willing and able and ready to be in a committed relationship. >> aren't guys scared off? a lot of guys might be
11:33 am
interested in dating but they know you only want to look at someone who is ready to get very, very married on a specific date. are you finding guys running away from that? >> sure. some are. more often than not, the guys are embracing that. why not? you are a cool chick. some guys will say, when i heard about this, i thought you had to be sipsycho but then we had a de and i would like to hang out some more. some say, i really like you but there is no way i will be ready to be married in february. at least it is honest. >> it is triggering this discussion. at your facebook page, you have someone saying you are a moron. are you finding this project is turning into something bigger than you? >> absolutely. i never dreamed that i would be worldwide talking about this story, because it was something that started so close to home. i am finding it resonates with
11:34 am
people. it makes some people furious and other people extremely hopeful. the vast ma are the jority of p are responding are excited. everyone loves a good love story. >> i have to ask you this before you go. what if you get to the date, no one to marry, do you still show up? >> i will still show up and have a party. i would like to see someone get married. there might be a couple out there that would step in. i'm hopeful that it will work out. >> woe. now, you have some couples out there hoping it doesn't. >> i'm sure. >> all these sponsorships, a lot of people have gotten excited about your prospect. i am rooting for you. everyone is rooting for you. give me a call or send me a twet when this happens. >> lisa linahan, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. you never know which stories are going to get everyone talking. it is amazing.
11:35 am
that's the one that people are weighing in like crazy. you can join the conversation. i'm sure you have a lot to say about it. it is let me show what you think. it is up on the blog. t.j., kate, we can expect more people joining in on that conversation with their views. it is an extremely unusual idea. >> it is did he ever anytimely unusu definitely unusual. i can't wait to find out what happens come february. last week, we told you a story after bravery. a visually impaired woman stepped off atlanta's florida train station platform and fell on to the tracks. samuel white saved her as the train pulled into the station pulling 57-year-old addi yechlt nor fleet from the tracks in the nick of time. the train stopped four feet in front of her. we talked with him earlier today.
11:36 am
>> i did not think at the time. i just relate acted. if i was to think, it would have cost her her life. i just reacted, in the shadow of her falling over towards the train and i just jumped into action. >> did you look to see if a train was coming first? >> yes, i did. the first thing i did, i immediately ran down closer to the train to get ianna's attention and motioned to stop and let her know there was someone on the tracks. she then proceeded to stop the train and with that, when i knew the train was totally stopped, i proceeded to jump down on the tracks, remove the lady from the train and put her on my shoulders and then i handed her over to two coworkers after i got to the edge of the track. >> ianna, you are just doing your job and going about your work. you stopped four feet before miss norfleet.
11:37 am
that doesn't sound easy and can't be. how did this all transpire for you? what did you see and how did you pull this off? >> well, when i was coming into the platform, i saw a lot of people on the platform waving a lot. what caught my attention was samuel pointing to the trains. i had already gun to slow the train down. then, we have emergency procedures that we use for situations that are abnormal situations. i just followed it to the letter. >> you said you had already started to slow down. how long does it take to slow that train down? how many feet do you need? >> i can't give you an ex amount. the platform is about 600 feet. the train is about 450 feet. so, you know, i can't give you all the numbers but -- >> but for you as you were getting closer, you did the emergency procedure. did you still think in your mind, oh, my goodness, i'm going to hit this woman? >> yes, yes. actually, like i said before, machines fail. i did everything i could do on my part to get the train to stop and i've made this statement that there was more than just me
11:38 am
operating that train that day. it had to be somebody else there to give me the strength to do everything i needed to do and just to get the train to stop. and when he jumped down on the tracks, i was like, oh, now it is two people on the tracks. >> have either of you had a chance to speak with miss norfleet. we heard in some of the sound we were playing she would just want to thank you. i could only imagine she had so much to be thankful for. >> no, no. >> i would sure like to meet her. i wondered about her after the incident and how she was being cared for. >> was she, when you got down there on the tracks, did she seem disoriented or injured or confused about what was happening? what was she like? >> she was despondent, like she was in shock. she was in shock because the train was coming up on her. >> so this whole group of people together who stopped the train, did you get out? once you stopped the train,
11:39 am
thank god, the immediate problem was solved. did you then all have to pull her out? it's a pretty big drop down on to the actual tracks. >> well, not actually. because, see, there got to be like maybe 2.5 to 3 feet. once i got to the edge of the platform, i was able to get so close where there were two co-workers of mine who then had grabbed her. >> i can only imagine this is something you train for but something you have never experienced before. >> never. it it was the scariest moment i have ever had, to know you are not in control of something all the way and to have someone's life watching it unfold before you. there are not words to put it into. i could never tell you exactly how i felt at that time. >> great for them to come and join us and share their story. they still again have not talked to the woman they helped save. maybe that meeting will happen somewhere down the road.
11:40 am
20 minutes to the top of the hour. quick break. we are right back.
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let's get a check of some of our top stories now. a major rescue effort is underway in pakistan, the nation's air force is scrambling to rescue survivors from days of
11:43 am
monsoon rains and epic flooding. at least 800 people have been killed in one province alone. a very sad, a very angering situation. that's how u.s. senator debbie stabenow sees the oil spill in michigan's kalamazoo river. nearly 20,000 barrels of oil leaked from a pipeline earlier in the week. the cause is still under investigation. the cleanup is under way. crews still have a pretty long way to go. >> all eyes are on rhinebeck, new york. former first daughter, chelsea clinton, and investment banker, marc mezvinsky, set to exchange "i dos" at a wosh estate. we don't know many details. it is very private. some serious flash flooding to talk about in the southwestern united states. folks in nogales, arizona know all about it. at one point, they were considering evacuation. back to back nights of heavy
11:44 am
rain turned retention ditches into raging rapids. a flash flood watch remains in effect until later tonight for much of southern arizona as another round of rain is possible. let's turn to reynolds wolf. he has been doing double duty for us down in new orleans covering the gulf oil disaster and also the weather force. let's combine those two stories and then we can get to weather nationwide. is the weather going to cooperate for these critical next few days of this process of trying to kill this well. >> i think weather is going to be picture perfect down here all things considered. comparatively speaking to what we had last weekend, when we were dealing with the remnants of tropical storm bonnie, rough times then. very tranquil. things are fine on the gulf waters. for everything they are going to be doing in terms of trying to finish up the relief wells and in terms of cleaning things up. in terms of what's happening along the coast, brutal heat could be expected today. all along the gulf coast, incredible heat, high humidity.
11:45 am
conditions are sweltering in many locations. we see in the southeast and on this map as we spread out a little bit, you will see ten states under some kind of watch warning or advisory all due to the heat. the national perspective, not just limited to parts of the southeast, no. even to the central and southern plains. that is something that should last through the weekend. highs may last through the triple dinlg its. temperaturewise, tomorrow, in terms of national perspective, we will talk about the heat in the southeast. extreme west coast, dry conditions. if you look at radar here in parts of the desert southwest, rain is still going to be the story. many places. if you have ever made the drive from phoenix heading southward to tucson, you will head into the dry river beds. please be careful if you are making that drive. out west, we are not getting much relief for the fires. they should be roaring for a good part of today if possibly through the rest of this week. guys, we have brought things up. new york looks pretty good for the big wedding today.
11:46 am
should be mostly sunny to partly cloudy. highs in the 80s. let's send it back to you guys. reynolds, we appreciate you guys. including the weather forecast. for anyone getting married today. >> a lot of other people getting married today. >> congrats to everybody. >> congratulations as well for a pennsylvania man who got a really special something on his birthday. he delivered his own babe b by. you will hear his story after the break. i want to run a marathon. i'm going to work with kids. i'm going to own my own restaurant. when i grow up, i'm going to start a band. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're never done growing. thanks, mom. i just want to get my car back. [ female announcer ] together we can discover the best of what's next at
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a pittsburgh area man got the birthday present of a lifetime earlier this week, david barbacow celebrated his birthday by delivering his wife's baby. he delivered his own baby at home. he got home from work to find his wife having on trackses. he was scheduled for a c-section. there was nothing stopping baby nichole from coming into the world. she was coming out. the military man jumped into action by coming out. he grabbeded clean towel, hot water and lying his wife down in the bathroom and then he went to wo
11:50 am
work. >> i was extremely frightened because you hear all of those crazy things that happen. >> it's like somebody was guiding my hands and whispering in my ear what to do. >> the new mom, baby, and dad are doing great. >> military man. those guys are ready for anything. >> they can handle pressure. >> coming up-and-comering to a car lot personally. the new hope for detroit. >> hope to recharge the city manufacturing has got even president obama amped up. guys? the best stuff on earth just got better. - good stuff, craig. - we're dating. [ announcer ] snapple. the best stuff on earth just got better. an everyday moment can turn romantic at a moment's notice. and when it does, men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident... in their ability to be ready with cialis. with two clinically proven dosing options, you can choose the moment that's right for you...
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with us.
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>> looky, looky, looky. >> look what the cat dragged? >> washington taking other. okay. newsroom is going to continue at the top of the hour. >> good to have you here with us this weekend. you're coming up here in a few minutes. what do you have is on tap? it will be a long afternoon. >> we'll buckle up and fasten our seat belts. it's going to be a good afternoon because we've got a lot to talk about. you know all too well there's plenty in the news today. our legal guys are coming on. they're here on the weekends with us with fredricka whitfield every saturday. we're going to be talking with them about the arizona immigration controversy. a ruling came down, as you know, if the state of arizona that the governor isn't too happy about. we'll be getting into that. a woman out in california, get this, convicted of sending texts to herself. i'm not sure i fully understand the story.
11:55 am
i hope our real guys can straighten this out. she's blaming this on other relatives. it sounds a little messy. we'll drill down and get to the bottom of that. speaking of drilling down, the oil spill down in louisiana, you have federal efficients, bp officials says, hey, look, the oil is clearing up, it's magically disappearing, our shores are getting better. there are plenty of folks who aren't buying it. there's a charter captain named mike fernette is going to be joining us. he says if anyone thinks the oil is disappearing, follow me. looks can be deceiving. one day it looks like it's vanishing on the gulf, but as we know, it's ebbing and flowing. there's so much oil that's unaccounted for at this point. we'll have that.
11:56 am
it's going to be a full afternoon. >> good to have you here in atlanta, both of you washington types. >> washington types. >> we aget you covered. >> we're hospitable, but not that hospitable. >> we'll see you. >> thanks, guys. so recharging detroit one volt at a time. earlier this week president obama got a sneak peek at the next generation's electric car. >> and cnn other washington person dan loathian now reports the vehicle could not only pave the way for the city's economic recovery but for the president's political future. >> how fast can you go with this car? >> up to 100 miles an hour. >> oh, really. >> reporter: it's the jolt general motors hopes will drive the industry's recovery, and i'm in the driver's seat of the new electric car they call the volt. >> wow. that is amazing. >> reporter: the car that's expensive battery technology comes with a $40,000 price tag
11:57 am
that critics say will scare off most buyers but there's a tax credit and lease option that makes its more affordable. it will bring jobs to the hamtramck area that president obama visited. >> some will let me drive a volt that's about 12 inches. >> reporter: can car offers a reprieve after years of uncertainty and pain with a state dealing with more than a 13% unemployment rate. >> you think about all the jobs lost, people that are missing, people that are no longer there. you think about that, and it's heartbreaking. >> reporter: but the obama administration says the 62% bailout for chrysler and gulf of mexico which some rejected is missing. the volt and the cherokee, they suggest, are signs of life. keith crane covers the auto industry. >> the auto industry was on
11:58 am
death's door and today it's revived and healthy. >> reporter: and while gm sees the volt as a better product, they've been down this road before. remember the ev 1, the electric car of the '90s, cutting-edge that fizzled. the chief engineer says they've learned from ev 1's short comings. >> it had the issue of at some point those batteries o r going to run out and if i'm nowhere near a plug, you're stuck. with the volt, i think we've really addressed all of those issues. >> reporter: while each charge will only drive the volt 40 miles, once the battery runs low, the gas engine kicks in. but there's another big difference. to get a sense of how far this battery power is coming in 13 years, all you have to do is look up. this is a giant battery case of the ev 1 of the '90s. this is the battery case for a
11:59 am
fou four-door volt. this one, 1,200 pounds. this one, 400. and this man is running the lab to make sure the volt's battery goes the distance. >> i think we're changing the way people will think about the automobile. think we're creating history. >> reporter: and for workers in the auto industry that means speeding away from the past, looking in the rearview mirror. the president plans to visit a chicago manufacturer next week. the white house is jumping on a good news economic story to remind voters that some of the steps they've taken while sometimes unpopular are having positive results. dan lothian, cnn, detroit. >> that is it for us this morning. >> yes. >> we made it through. >> we did. jim, good luck to you as well, making it through. jim acosta here on loan from washington, d.c. jim, good to h


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